How I contributed to a university-wide Change Management program


NYU recognized a need to better organize how it tracks, anticipates, and archives major technological changes across the organization.

As a large enterprise with departments and services located globally, the Central IT division had to develop a plan that streamlined the rules and processes of groups who were working too independently without enough transparency with each other or accountability to one another.


IT Leadership invested in a formal and official plan to operationalize accountability and transparency.

They assembled a working group with various skills and experience. The group scoped out two functions: a planning phase followed by a regular ongoing new change advisory board.

  • Change Management planning committee
    I worked for six months with this team to assess the business case, lay out the project scope, outline risk factors, define degrees of criticality, and scheme the ultimate web app to be built in ServiceNow.
  • Change Advisory Board
    For two years, I worked with the advisory board on every upgrade, migration, or shut down expected anywhere that Central IT managed. We evaluated major occurrences, accounted for impact, measured proposed plans against strict criteria, mitigated risk, and decided on approval or denial rationale.

My part

I played a key role in each phase of the change management effort. I was asked to join because of my function as a knowledge analyst and support supervisor of our Web Publishing platform, a widely used self-service and cloud-based WordPress environment.

In addition to being part of Central IT’s official Change Management committee, I also helped my own Web Publishing service manage its most significant change project — a multi-year, multi-phase effort to make the platform and public content comply with technologically inclusive digital accessibility standards.