Support Center

Users weren’t finding our help content so we built a resource that is visual, clear, accessible, and contextual.

Onboarding Site

Our onboarding process was ad hoc so I put key material into an informative package that helps new hires learn.

Consultation Logs

I used our publishing platform to create a private site for logging helpful details about support sessions.

Support Model

How knowledge management works in support of client service.

Training Hub

I created a new option that lets users take courses at their own pace.

Content Audits

I periodically conduct content audits to overhaul the information that users access.

Usability Testing

I set up simple entry forms to guide our testers through user stories, test cases, and acceptance criteria.

Change Management

I played key roles in both phases of NYU IT’s change management effort

Solutions Log

I set up a way for my team to document stuff that works or record knowledge about best practices.

Workshop Guide

Subhead Problem tk Solution tk Result tk:

Crash Course Workshops

WordPress at CUNY SQL at IRE HTML at CTS

Active Learning

Examples of engagement strategies and participatory methods

Youth Programs

First Take UJW USC SAT prep Emmaus House