Why we created a process for documenting client assistance meetings


If a client scheduled a follow-up in-person support session, on-hand team members could find themselves starting from square one.

We didn’t have good record-keeping about their visit history. We didn’t have doctor sheets, so to speak, i.e. a way of seeing what their previous session(s) accomplished or where the previous support person left off. This required clients to spend valuable time re-explaining their issue to whoever helped them the follow-up time. We also knew that expensive tools existed out there but we needed a free option that we could manage in-house.


I used our existing publishing platform to create a private site for logging important details after an appointment.

I first introduced it to my small immediate team so that we could use it for a pilot period to test its effectiveness. Soon after, as the larger team recognized the same need and grew desperate for a solution, I demonstrated our pilot to them and won their interest. With the full team involved in brainstorming and listing additional needs, the ideas took off and the solution grew to include some automated aspects, improved search, as well as integration with our Qualtrics analytics system.


See screenshots of our internal tool here:

Full size screenshot of our consultations log tool