The following is an example of brief documentation I created for my team regarding a common question about a frequent issue.

In very rare cases we can allow a website to point away from the environment, usually to a CMS domain.


We typically do not do redirects for general users, however, we can evaluate these on a case by case basis. In very rare cases, we can make the exception for VIPs, usually just to a subdomain over on the CMS.


A Super Admin has to implement the change as redirects require JavaScript hardcoded into the content editor. Otherwise, the environment is set to detect and strip JS from users except for Super Admins.


  1. Log into the given website’s Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings » Reading or to Appearance » Customize » Homepage Settings
  3. Ensure the website’s homepage displays a specific page, not the latest posts
  4. Edit that page using the Text editor (not the Visual editor)
  5. Enter the following JavaScript code as the very first line:
    <script type="text/javascript">

    Replace the dummy URL above with your actual URL