Why I built a dedicated home for intros and walkthroughs


I realized that our team’s onboarding process was disorganized.

Apart from the company-wide onboarding new hires receive from HR, we also welcome them to our specific team, however, our approach wasn’t great. As we oriented our latest group of hires, I was somewhat embarrassed. I recognized that we had a mix of documents in various places; we relied on guidance from our existing staff; and we had an unfair expectation that new folks hit the ground running by doing some figuring out on their own.


I used our publishing platform to produce a user-friendly resource that makes new hires feel welcomed and taken seriously.

I gathered our key material from drives and spreadsheets and wikis and organized it into a usable package that helps new hires. The new onboarding resource gives them an introductory activity to look forward to and also teaches them about our team’s work and culture.


See the comprehensive resource here.

Full length screenshot of the Onboarding Site's welcome page.